Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My Mom....

My mom taught me that Jesus loves me from the very beginning, and all through my life.

My mom read Wynken, Blynken, & Nod to me, probably a hundred or more times, because I loved it.

My mom held my head when I was sick, and camped out on a fold-out cot next to my bed when needed.

My mom made beautifully decorated cakes, including cool, coconut-covered, "cut-up cakes" for my birthdays. 

My mom sewed me clothes, including awesome flowered, bell-bottom pants and polyester pants suits.  ;-)  Also, prom dresses and, later, quilts for my kids.

My mom shared her skills, teaching me to decorate cakes, bake, cook, sew, and pack pickles.

My mom always called on me to make ‘my specialties’ of biscuits or jam thumbprint cookies, which made me feel accomplished and helpful.

My mom took me to softball practice and watched every one of my games.

My mom gave me a cornet to join band when the director had recommended a clarinet, because it’s what she had to give…Which, consequently, put me into the brass section where I found some of my closest and truest, lifelong friends.

My mom encouraged me to try my best at everything I do.

My mom loved to sing and her beautiful voice sang lullabies, hymns, and mommy-to-child love songs.

My mom used to paint along with the man on TV when I was little.

My mom paid uncountable bills, folded infinite amounts of laundry, and cleaned, washed, cooked, and sewed without complaint.  She used to iron our tablecloths in a big press she set up in the family room, which filled the house with that hot, clean linen smell.

My mom touched so may lives and was beloved by almost everyone she met, including family, neighbors, friends, colleagues, and even the nurses and doctors who tended to her needs.

My mom made the effort.  -She learned names, introduced her family, listened and remembered about the families and interests of others.

My mom hated to ask of others, and always expressed appreciation of their efforts, even if it was their job to help her.

My mom was kind and sweet.  She was full of warmth and hugs.

My mom was strong, intelligent, and thoughtful.

My mom never swore and rarely had a negative word to say about another person.

My mom was the most devoted daughter – caring and attentive to her parents and in-laws, alike.

My mom was the most devoted wife – steadfast, loving, cheerful, and supportive.

My mom was the most devoted mom/grandma/great grandma, who loved and gave to her children, and loved whomever they loved: Friends, sweethearts, then spouses and children… and she treated them all as family.

My mom was a lady, and modeled true beauty from the inside out.  The love and grace of the Lord shined through her.

My mom said her mother was a better person and that I was a better mother.  She was so very wrong.

My mom was sure she’d live to 100.  Sadly, she was wrong about that, too.

My mom went to the Lord when He called her name this past Sunday.

My mom’s leaving left a hole in my heart and in my life, and shoes I could never hope to fill.

My mom left me, though, with a wealth of precious memories, wise teachings, and high standards to which to aspire.

I love you and miss you, Mom….so much. But I will see you again!

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