Sunday, March 6, 2011

I Could Just Cry...

Ok, I admit I actually did, and I have to warn you that I'm still whimpering.                                                                                                                                                                        
An update on my in-laws' house remodel:                                                                                                                                                                             
It was my job to choose the paint color for my in-laws' house.  But two things affected my choice and knocked me off of trusting my gut.  First, Brother-in-Law #3 saw the sample swatches I'd painted on the white walls, and called Hubby, concerned that the color I was considering was too dark.  Every assurance that the color would look lighter, overall and in better lighting, was falling on doubtful ears.  I, also, thought that color was a tad dark for every room, and was intending to go a shade lighter.  Still, BIL3 looked unconvinced.            
All of this time Hubby and I were assuming we'd be doing the walls in one color and the ceilings lighter.  Then we found out we were the only ones under that impression.  BIL #2 checked, and the painter told him it would cost additional days and thousands of dollars more to mask and do two colors.  The decision was made: 1 color only.  So that, combined with my BIL's concerns, convinced me I should err on the side of light, and not risk being too dark and making caves of the smaller rooms.  So I chose one shade lighter yet.                                                                                                      
Painted board I've been working to white
Well, I definitely ERRED on the side of too light, all right!  I walked into the house Saturday, and thought it hadn't been painted.  I was devastated to see how white the color looked.                                                                       
There are places in the kitchen that will be behind cabinets where the former white shows still, and the difference is visible.  But without seeing that direct comparison, the daylight washes out much of the color and the overall impression is 'Apartment White.'  Just what we didn't want.  As Princess Bossy says, "Boo."
Kitchen...White areas on the right & left walls
The cabinets may provide enough contrast to bring out the color in the kitchen walls.  All I can do is shake it off and be positive that the carpeting in the rest of the house will reflect off the walls and give them more depth.  It's either that or grab a paint roller and get busy... 
Living Room...Blah and Colorless.  :-(
I'll choose the former, thank you.  


  1. Don't fret until it is all done. The original color is nice, and it does have more contrast. There is still a contrast between the cabinet and wall colors that should be apparent when the cabinets go in. Accessories will warm up the space yet leave the major color decision to the next homeowner. You have a great eye for decorating! The kitchen will be very attractive!

  2. Oh, no! I can understand why you're upset. Definitely not reading as color. I think having the cabinets in will help, though.

    Will you be staging the house for sale, or showing it empty? I think the pale color could work for you if staged to look either Coastal or Gustavian, both of which are pretty trendy looks right now.

  3. Thanks, Cotehele. I tell people all the time in the kitchen forum to try not to judge with only parts of it in. The problem was not trusting my gut and now wishing I had...but there were a lot of considerations. Now it is what it is. I do think the kitchen will be fine, as it will have so much other color and materials to help. I just wish there was something to contrast and help show the color in the big room, which will be the first impression.

    I don't know if anyone's decided on staging vs empty. The realtor has a stager she has suggested, but I'm not sure it will be as in depth as a complete style or look, like you're thinking of. She definitely said, "Don't paint it all white," which is what it appears at the moment...

    If not for the high ceilings, I'd be very tempted to grab a paint roller and do some work. But adding a tall ladder to the mix makes it much less appealing.

  4. Paint is a total pain in the butt to pick. It is shocking how light it looks on the walls but at least it is a neutral and is still a good non-color color. We once painted floors SW sashay sand. Awful pinky mauve. Awful. It looked more neutral on the swatch. It was embarrassing.

  5. Hubby says today he definitely sees color in some areas, depending on how the light hits...So we'll just see. I just felt too uncertain about and limited by choosing a color that would also be on the ceiling.

    Oh, dear. Pinky mauve would be a bad surprise!

    The neighbors behind our last house had their house repainted. It had been gray and they chose another gray to repaint. The painters called the owner after they started and suggested he might want to come look before they got much further and he just grouchily told them to get the job done. The family was a little surprised to come home to a decidedly grayish-lavender house! Undertone is reeeally important.

  6. Replies
    1. Sorry I never listed it! We used SW 7011 Natural Choice on the cabinets. Thanks for coming by and asking!


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