Monday, November 3, 2014

30 for 31. Shoot.

I almost made it!  I can't believe I got a post published for every day of October except the last! I'm not even sure the excuse was a good one, but maybe I'll write about that later.

If nothing else, I could've posted photos of this year's cross country team pizza feed.  We had 18 athletes, including 2 of our own kids.  There were 2 coaches, 1 of whom was Hubby.

For the 22 people here, my best guess is that I made 21 pizzas.
Hungry kids!!!!!
Every time I tried to get a pic of the table full of pizza, it already
looked like this!

In prior years, I always had a team of 2 helpers.  This year, it was just me and the CuddleBunny, who disappeared to the garage to hit baseballs just as everyone was showing up!  But he's 10, and it's kind of his right to be a kid.  :-)

Princess Sassy stopped in to give a bit of a hand,
with pizzas, and her little prince is always welcomed
by the crowd.  He has started calling his grandfather
"Bop," as his current version of "Pop."
Cutest thing ever!

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