Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pizza Prepping

Since my planned posts for this month are going to slop into November, I'm going to keep today's post short.  After all, I have 20-some teens and coaches ready to descend on our home for the yearly pizza feed.  

In a past year we made the mistake of having the pizza feed with the entire team, and it was TOO MUCH!  We have gone back to hosting only those who qualified, at the league championship meet, to move on to the district championship meet... the last step before 'State.'

This year both the boys' and girls' varsity teams qualified.  Prince Go-for-It is running in the 5th varsity spot, and is poised to run his season's best.  Princess Eager, qualifying in the #9 spot for the girls' team, is going along as a 'sub.'  Only the top 7 run, unless there is an injury, for which the substitutes are needed to step in.  Only a freshman, and in her first year of competing, this was her goal.  She gets to go to the meet, but without the pressure!

I was going to post latest running pics here, but my photo library is "repairing itself," and that could take hours!

Anyway, tonight it's about feeding them, contributing to their carbo-load for the week, so right now it's about getting busy in the kitchen!  :-)

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