Friday, March 17, 2017

From the Mouths of Princes

I'm not doing very well at getting back to this blogging thing, considering it's been almost a month since my 'return.'

As a matter of fact, right after I'd published that last post, I was having familiar, nagging questions about whether or not it had been a good idea to do so. Without really expecting any feedback, I thought out loud and expressed some of my doubt to Prince CuddleBunny.
"I don't even know if I should have a blog at all." 
"What?! Why?" (His surprise actually surprised me.  I didn't know it was on his radar.)
"I feel like all I have to talk about is myself." 
"Yeah...Who else would you talk about?" 
"Blogs are supposed to be helpful to people; to share a recipe or technique...maybe teach something." 
"Ach (with a wave of the hand)...You're good."

I wish I could dispatch with the message in a blog post as neatly and quickly as he did with that subject!

I guess most blogs are somewhat about individual journeys.  --And, the prince is obviously right, mine is all I have to share.  I do have quite a long list of post ideas, so bear with me, and I'll try to be here more often.

Meanwhile... You may have noticed that I've updated my blog title from "Friday is Pizza, Monday is Soup," because I don't feel that cooking and the kitchen will be a big part of what I share now.  Our Home for Ten (RHome410) is a product of me, and I have become a product of it, as is anything I accomplish.  In other words:

RHome410 is me.  Me is RHome410.  

Ok, sorry... I am RHome410...So simplifying to that name seems appropriate.  

I've recently updated My Family page, so you could check in there if you're interested in a tiny bit of catching up.  I've updated my "About Me," too, if you might like a hint as to the new direction of the blog. Other changes to the page are forthcoming. 

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!

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