Monday, March 19, 2012

A Trio of Arrows

I've felt a lack of direction in my life.  Actually, maybe my days have too many directions... So many things to do, and not enough time for it all, so a lack of accomplishment while my mind and wheels just spin.  I do feel like I've had too many posts about this subject lately, but if you bear with me, I think I may be headed somewhere this time...  Eventually.  ;-)

Growing Blogs Link Party
First... Some of my favorite bloggers linked up (here), each having written a post on what they wanted their blogs to be when they "grow up."  I didn't participate, 
because I had no idea.  I had been discouraged recently, seeing blogs just a few months old with hundreds of followers, compared to my treasured 30 or so.  I took note that I don't offer the same type of information that many of the popular blogs do.  I rarely offer quick and easy makeovers or craft projects with which to decorate or organize.  I share things like photos of the island Hubby is rebuilding or recipes for 5 loaves of bread, made with freshly milled flour... Things not everyone can turn around and do, or relate to.  I was tempted to try to get more of those popular types of posts into my blog, and tried to fit some of my square-peg posts into the round holes of blog party link-ups.  But I think I should be sharing about my life and about my own passions. I shouldn't be striving to create one of those other blogs, so... 
Question 1: What role can my blog fill?  

 I've shown it before, but here it is again:
Grace for the Good Girl:
Letting Go of the Try-Hard Life
Next... I read another wonderful post, "5 Ways to Keep your Job without Losing Your Mind," by Emily Freeman of Chatting at the Sky, this time discussing how she sticks to business in a healthy way amidst personal, family, and household needs.   I really respect her adherence to a Sabbath Day of rest in her week, during which she stays away from any computer use, including personal emails.  This, as well as others of her 5 ways, was a valuable suggestion in my quest for fun and rest within the demands of my life.  But it got me thinking further.  She wrote this post in regard to being disciplined in devoting proper time to her writing job.  She writes, not only a blog, but contributes to other publications, and is marketing her own very wonderful and successful book.  
Her work contributes to the financial well-being of her family, and is a great ministry.  Blogging is not my "job," and should be prioritized properly.  So in addition to pondering the question posed above, I had a new one to think about...  
Question 2: What is my job?

And then... On the same day I found that our monthly grocery expenditures are growing,  I found specific evidence that helped explain why. (To be discussed in more detail later.)  What I need to do now is figure out how to reverse this trend... at least at the financial end.  These discoveries didn't really lead to the formation of a new, big question (which kind of wrecks the form rhythm I've got going here), but did help define part of the answer to the latter question...Which, in turn, might help answer question #1.

These 3 factors will be helpful, I think, in pointing me in a direction to help me develop a "rhythm" to my life, as Emily's husband suggested, so needs and demands aren't competing with and crossing each other. -- So I can feel a little more comfortable and confident in my own life, hopefully accomplishing things, to boot.  I'm sure you can tell, that more thoughts on these subjects are in the works.

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