Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

You may think I've been absent to travel to see family or because I'm cooking and baking up a storm for today's feast...Well, 'storm' is the key word there.  It poured snow all day Monday, followed by high winds and rapidly dropping temperatures, turning the snow into ice in short order.  Hubby took Princess Sassy back to the Big City for work...a trip that usually takes about 3 hours, round trip.  Monday (to Tuesday), the trip took 20 hours...with 14 of that on the road.  

Our power went out about 6 PM that evening, then came right back on for about 45 minutes...Just long enough to throw together a pot of soup and some bread dough.  We rejoiced to have lights and heat again 28 hours later, at 11 PM Tuesday night.  But our joy, and hope for warming, showering, etc. were short-lived, as 3 hours later we were back in the dark and cold.  30+ hours into that 2nd outage, we are still awaiting the electric company to release the wire trapped under the fallen tree down our road.  Hubby just hooked up a small generator so we could connect with the outside world via computer, but my hands are so cold, it's a little hard to type!

I am thankful for our gas rangetop, which has allowed us to have hot food and beverages.  I am very thankful that, as of this morning, we have 9 of the 10 of us under our roof, safe and together.  Princess Bossy has been welcomed by a family in her state...also with 8 share Thanksgiving with her.  We are all well and very blessed.  I wish you the same!


  1. Wishing you all a nice holiday weekend (with power)! You'll tell this story for years - after y'all get warm.

  2. Thank you and I wish you and yours a wonderful weekend, also. We got power back just after 1 PM. We're almost thawed... :-)

  3. Isn't it early in the winter to be loosing power? Ya know, I bet that induction cooktop doesn't sound very enticing this week. Glad you got the Wolf. Oh, you look dressed up like a pilgrim in the thumbnail pic. lol Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your family.

  4. It's early in winter to be getting snow for us! Losing power can happen any time there is wind after enough rain to soften the ground, or snow to weight the trees. For us, it's usually the former. You are right! The induction would have been no good to me at all this week. It's always good to find as many reasons as possible to support my decisions. Happy Tgiving to you, too! I hope your oven is giving you too much aggravation.

  5. Okay...that pic of you in your warmies is too cute!


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