Monday, November 22, 2010

Marriage Scripture for Bridal Shower... ;-)

I helped co-host a bridal shower yesterday.  All the guests, including those of us hosting, were asked to bring one thing we were thankful for in our husbands, and one Bible verse that helped us in our marriage.  Well, I could think of several things I am thankful for in DH, but most of the Bible verses I thought of were more helpful for our family life as opposed to specific toward our marriage...So I shared this dilemma with our oldest, Princess Bossy, in a recent 'Skype date.'  As I expected, she was able to come up with one immediately, but, not necessarily one I would have expected...

At the shower, the women began to share things they were thankful for in their spouses, but were also sharing that these 'best' traits also caused the biggest challenges in their relationships. Where it is good to have someone opposite in some ways, so they can fill your gaps and balance you, when you approach things in these different ways, it can also cause 'some tension,' to put it kindly.  That's when I was able to share the verse my daughter offered, which after knowing her dad and I the longest and closest, she had no trouble coming up with Exodus 20:13..."Thou shalt not kill."  


  1. I have to say that was not the Bible verse I was expecting. It made me laugh out loud. I'm so glad that you've begun to blog, and am looking forward to reading more.

  2. THanks! Your blog is one of my inspirations.

  3. Oh, dear...A friend has pointed out that I somehow wrote Genesis instead of Exodus, and incorrectly identified the Scripture! I have now corrected it. I apologize.


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