Friday, November 19, 2010

Pizza Night: 525 was the answer

Friday is Pizza Night at our you may have guessed.  DH, DD, and I had to go to the swim team banquet tonight, so we ate Mexican food, but I still needed to make pizza for the rest.

 I have a new oven...My 4th in 2 1/2 years.  I'll have to recap that journey another time.  This one is a Wolf (E-Series) double oven and seems to be the winner, and hopefully the one that will stay for many years to come.  But I was having a little bit of a time perfecting my weekly pizza baking method.  The manual said to use the "Baking Stone" mode at 450 degrees.  The first outing following those directions gave me a pretty good pizza...A little lighter crust than I'd like...and in about 14 minutes, which is double the time I'm used to when using the stone.  I've increased the temperature each week, trying to get the right balance of browning on the tops and bottoms.

I've tried 525 degrees for 2 weeks in a row now, and it seems to be the best.  Tonight's pizza had the brownest crust yet, and each one baked in an amazing 6 minutes.  That means I only have to heat one oven, because they cook so fast, we don't need both.  Although the non-convection oven doesn't turn out a bad result, it's not quite as good and fast as the upper.  I'm sure I'll be glad to use both when DH brings another sports team over and I have to cook 20 pizzas instead of our usual 5.

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