Monday, December 10, 2012

Bucket List, 2.0

As I've written before, I decided it was time to adjust my original Bucket List.  I thought I should sit down and take time, forming some thorough and very thoughtful goals.  I haven't had time, and was feeling badly about not getting it done.  But then realized, is that what a Bucket List is all about?  I think it was supposed to be a random list of things you hope to do before you die.  -Not that deep or overly complicated.  

So here are some of the things I think I might want to do in the rest of my life, some, hopefully, sooner than others!  Not in any particular order...
Photo source

Learn to play the cello. --I know that's not a cello pictured on the right.   I played the baritone horn in high school and part of college.  I loved the mellow, rich sound and hoped to own my own horn, which never happened.  I think the cello is the same type of sound, and it seems like it would be easier to make beautiful solo music with that more than with a horn. --Although, the horn's required breathing would be good for me, so could be a 'win-win.'  I still like the idea of drawing across the strings and having the cello ooze some cool and elegant, classical melody.  Seems a little classier choice for a "woman of a certain age," who is long removed from sitting in the pep band at football games.

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See picturesque parts of New England with Hubby.  And maybe other parts of the country, too, especially where our kids might live.  But I don't want to rush around, doing touristy things and visiting too many places in a short time... Just see, walk, enjoy, and relax, appreciating the views and environment in one place at a time.

Take a course in furniture-making or concrete artistry.  Other course possibilities: ceramics, stained glass, cooking or baking

Build a business with Hubby and/or one or more of the royal offspring...using creativity and handcrafting/manual skills.

Visit kitchens I've helped design... and mostly, and finally, meet their owners, of course!

And besides, Facebook told me this!  ;-)

Take up bike riding... Just local and flat-to-rolling terrain.  Nothing too difficult... strenuous... ambitious.  (Finding a route without major hills will be the biggest challenge around here!)  I don't see myself racing, or going long distances, but getting fit and, also, some fresh air.

Grow veggies and fruit enough to supply a good part of our food needs.

Learn to can those fruits and veggies... and do it!

Sew, sew, sew.  Quilts, babies'/kids' clothes for future grandchildren and families in need, my clothes, home decor.  Keep Hubby in fun shirts.

From Shape Magazine
 Arm-Toning article

Get "buff." I've always wanted sculpted arms and strong legs (and behind).  Maybe a little over-ambitious (and shallow) for someone at 52... who has no exercise routine, and who specifies she doesn't want to work too hard when she rides her bike!  But, hey, these are hopes and dreams, right?

Read the Bible from beginning to end.  And then maybe start over again...

Learn Spanish with my kids.

Post Scripture around our house in some attractive, classy way.                                                                                                                          
Just a couple of the beautiful examples from
Decorating our Home in Scripture
on Blessed Femininity 

Open our home.  Invite more friends over, more often. Host more events.

...and as a daily focus, 
Take seriously the prayer I've posted on my bathroom mirror:

LORD, please help me to reflect the light of Christ in our home. Please guide my steps, direct my activities, and give me words. Help me know and demonstrate Your priorities.

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