Saturday, September 28, 2013

Trippin' to Oregon: the Fun

Yikes, I'm so behind at sharing these pics with you!  Actually, it's only been a month since our long weekend in Oregon, but it seems like ages... The rest and relaxation a distant memory.  I notice, though, that my kids still post photos and make comments about it on social media, so that confirms what a hit the trip was.

I'd mentioned that the kids' priority was to 'skim board.'  In fact, Hubby and Prince CuddleBunny took a break from garage building to make a couple before we went.  

We also enjoyed beach walks to Oceanside and back, reading, barbecuing, photographing the scenery and sunsets, and just hanging out together.  

It was wonderful that the home's  proximity to the beach and the kids' ages and level of responsibility meant they could visit the beach
without parental accompaniment, which also meant Hubby and I were, for the first time in years, free to set our own agenda during part of everyday to take walks and reconnect.  

I'd do more to organize and describe the photos, but you might not like to see them sooner rather than later...

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