Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Trippin' to Oregon: the House

The photos looked pretty spectacular on-line.  But you never know how old they are, or if the camera lens added size and grandeur to the rooms.  Also, a distant shot can cover wear and dinginess.

Fortunately, the promising photos of "The Skyscraper"on VRBO.com did not exaggerate, and both the owner and the manager were helpful and wonderfully gracious in their communications.  

Tucked between the small towns of Netarts and Oceanside, Oregon, is Happy Camp Road.  This dead-end lane is stuffed full of contemporary, cedar-shingled vacation rental homes, all overlooking the spot where the Pacific sneaks in behind a strip of land to create Netarts Bay.  The Skyscraper stands proud among all of them, the tallest on the block.

I eagerly ran up the flight of steep stairs to go in...only to find a sign telling me the front door was up another similar set.  

We opened the door, went down the welcoming entry hall, and trooped up another steep flight to the main floor landing, which had a direct view of the spiral staircase to the loft!  

As luck would have it, 4 of the 8 of us, usually healthy people, had leg or foot injuries the weekend we rented this 'house of a million stairs.'  Thankfully, not bad enough that they caused anyone a problem.  

We were gloriously happy with what we viewed from the top of the stairs.  --Expansive views of the bay and ocean... 

through a luxurious and lovely, contemporary and open interior and its amazing windows.  I think there may have been almost as many windows as stairs!  ;-)  Not only huge windows to the beach view, but, also, multiple skylights and a big glass door onto a spacious balcony.

The beautifully maintained interior was just my type of place... The architectural elements and lots of woodwork served as structure and design... form follows function with no sacrifice of form.  

The furnishings also had clean lines... Simplicity with attractive and comfortable functionality.  We enjoyed the liberal use of mirrors as wall art that also served to make the spaces seem even larger.

Wood-look, vinyl plank flooring covered the main areas of the house, and I loved it as much as I love my vinyl plank kitchen flooring at home.  It looks so rich, while being so easy care... Very much up to the task of taking on an active family with sandy feet! 

Staying at this house made me want to come back and redesign parts of our own home.  I loved the built-in table, the fireplace, the storage and laundry areas, and the kitchen and family-shared space.  

I was also motivated to rethink things at home by the lack of clutter, a condition I much prefer, but don't often see in my surroundings!  (Any clutter you see in the photos was our family's temporary stamp on the place.)

The bedrooms had luxurious bedding and bathrooms.  We were supplied with linens, towels, and even shampoo and conditioner.  

The full kitchen, sporting Bosch appliances and granite countertops, was well stocked with utensils, gadgets, small appliances, dishes, flatware, plastic wrap/foil, and even spices and some baking supplies.  
They didn't photograph well, but the backsplash is mirrors, and those
are windows in the backsplash flanking the stove
The gas grill was tucked into a closet off the balcony so it was safe from salt air when not in use.

I think I mentioned that this was our first ever vacation rental.  We hope to do this every year or two for the rest of our lives, welcoming any birds who have flown the nest to come back and join us with their spouses and children.  We may return to this house, or we could try another.  

I made big points with my family for finding this place. Prince CuddleBunny is standing behind me as I write, looking at the photos, sighing, "Ohh, I love that house!", and Prince Stoic gave me kudos on Facebook. :-)   I've given myself a challenge, though, because The Skyscraper has established some mighty high expectations for any future trips!

Still to come... Trippin' to Oregon: the Fun

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