Friday, February 7, 2014

Passing the Cue

For a recent post, Katie at Domestiphobia took a cue from a post by The Bloggess who took her cue from a Facebook meme...

So I thought I'd 'play' for a fun little diversion.

The original meme said this:

Pick up the nearest book to you, and turn it to page 45. The first sentence explains your love life.

The nearest book to me, sitting on my computer desk, is Towards a New Architecture by Le Corbusier.

The first sentence on page 45 is:

"The Plan is the generator."

Upon reading this, and not seeing much romance or depth in it, Katie suggested we all rule out non-fiction and kids' books, and search out a fiction book instead.  Trying to mess with fate by changing the rules, however, is not always a wise idea... My nearest fiction book was The Rosie Project, and the first sentence on its page 45 is

"A small crowd gathered and it occurred to me that another thug might arrive, so I needed to work out a way of freeing up a hand without releasing the original two thugs."

Although, this just might describe how dealing with life's happenings feels sometimes, with bills, illnesses, and overlapping schedules as the 'thugs,' I'm sticking with

"The Plan is the generator."

I'm not sure this pertains at all to my love life, though.  Unless it indicates that the plan for the garage generated an unimaginable lot of work and mess, thus making my love life practically non-existent.  LOL... and a slightly sad sigh.  ;-)

As with nearly everything, in no time, I over-thought this, and found a connection in this statement for the rest of my life.  This, I realize, again alters the original rules, but since I am a Christian, who believes that God governs my life instead of fate, I am OK with that.  I know that looking too far into any random statement can come dangerously similar to allowing horoscopes or fortune cookies to alter my outlook, so I should tread with care.  But I also think that any reminder I can use to stay on the right track is a good thing.  

-- Ack! You now have witnessed a bit of the overthinking thing in action... And maybe a bit of my ability to find depth where, perhaps, none was intended, and to basically suck the fun out of a simple activity.


First of all, with all the building that goes on around here, we deal with a lot of plans.  I am the one who drafts the plans, and Hubby is usually the one to make it happen.  So that's definitely a connection to our everyday lives, and also, how our relationship works.

More importantly, though, the first thing that struck me in the sentence, is that Plan is capitalized, where it seems that, grammatically, it shouldn't be?  But for me, that points toward the Lord's plan, which deserves a big P.  --Both His grand Plan for all of humanity, and His special part for me.  I am thankful He cares enough about me to have one, and have been focusing a lot lately on doing the tasks that will help me accomplish His priorities on a daily basis.  

I have been thinking, especially, about exactly what my job and calling are, since I wrote Interpreting my Dream way back in May.  I came to a partial conclusion about what my life's dream, or calling is...are they the same?... but recently realized I have more coming.  Which also means I'll have more to say about it later.

Meanwhile, if you want to play, too...Grab the book nearest you and reply to this post with the first sentence from page 45.  Does it apply to you at all?

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