Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Interpreting my Dream

I haven't written much on my blog lately, because my mind has been chewing on this topic.  I wanted to come up with just the right words... "Right" meaning not too many, and something that would be helpful and interesting to others, not just self-indulgent ramblings.

It started in an email with my sister.  She had just done the huge work of ridding her life of detrimental baggage (a job she didn't enjoy that also didn't align with her own values, but that paid the bills), and closing the door on a dream shared with her fiance that never quite got off the ground like they'd hoped... All in order to investigate, train for, and pursue a dream that had been calling to her for years.

I admire that and am so excited for her!  But it got me thinking about my messy and busy life, and I wondered how to become more focused.  The initial conversation went as follows:
Me:  Wow.  I can really understand how hard it must've been to shut that door tight like that!
I should follow your lead and do that with my blog.   I keep waffling, but know it takes more of my time than I have to give, in order of what's important.  But not to take from your accomplishment, because my blog is small potatoes compared to that.
Sis:  Your blog is NOT small potatoes - it is a dream, and that's never small potatoes - and it's where you go to gather with your (outside of family) 'tribe' and everyone needs to be part of a tribe....but, it's true - if your tribe leads you to compromise in ways that aren't true to you, then the value isn't worth the trade....but only you can decide 

This ignited a chain of questions in my mind... My dream?  I'm not sure blogging is my 'dream.'  I considered it for a very short time before jumping in, at the gracious encouragement of others.  I've enjoyed it.  Is it a developing dream?  Or more of an indulgence or distraction?

My biggest-ever dream was to be a wife and mom.  Am I already blessed to be living my dream then?  Does it count?  Or am I supposed to have more of a me-only dream?  Do I need a new dream now that I'm on the 'downhill-side' of momming with so many of the kids becoming adults? (ha) - Or maybe at least a side dream that gives me an identity other than "Mom?"

I don't know if it's a current trend, or if I'm just noticing how popular this dream-identification endeavor is, based on my recent awakening to the issue... But, suddenly, blog posts, books, and articles, all about "discovering and following your dream" are EVERYwhere.  I know that this probably isn't of concern in more troubled parts of the world, so it's definitely a "First World Problem." But since I don't travel much, I was up for a bit of a mental journey... 

Have you already figured out this will likely birth a series of blog posts?  ;-)

Vehicles that have each given me a lift on this ride:

  All by Holley Gerth:

By Emily Freeman:

By Gary Morland:

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