Friday, March 16, 2012

Clutter Hotspot #2 - Pantry/Kitchen

According to the schedule on Simple Mom for Project: Simplify 2012, this week's assignment is to unclutter or organize the kitchen or pantry.

I am so totally blessed with a kitchen that is large and storage-filled, so fairly easy to keep organized-- No thanks, of course, to the efforts otherwise of teen boys who unload the dishwasher and don't always get things into quite the correct drawers or cupboards. But what fun would life be without a treasure hunt once in awhile?  ;-)

But my pantry door often hides a nearly constant reorganizing job awaiting my attention, especially after a particularly large Costco trip.

The sweepings

This time it hadn't been done in awhile, and was particularly messy and disorganized.  

I neglected to take a 'Before' pic before I dove in... I remembered after a bit, when I had already swept, and unpackaged and restacked some of the cans.

Along the way, I was surprised to find, not only empty wrappers from granola bars and such, but actually partially eaten bars.  WHO does that?!  Just a bite left... What's the point?  No one would 'fess up.

Anyway, all was right with the world again...

Dry beans, rice, and quinoa in hinged storage bins

Love my rolling, 33 qt bins and pourable pitchers for grain storage.
And my Brother label maker helps make everything look so neat and tidy
Onion and Potato baskets

Until the next Costco trip...

Job security?  ;-)

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