Thursday, March 15, 2012


In Accidental insight... I mentioned that a lab test showed me low in cortisol, indicating adrenal exhaustion.   Since returning to the natural hormones, so sleeping again, and with a course of treatment with licorice supplement recommended by both my OB-Gyn and naturopath, my cortisol levels have come up from 9 to 21 ("normal" is 10 to 100).

Last week my OB-Gyn did a blood test to check my DHEA levels, which are another indication of adrenal health. According to Women to Women, a women's health care site specializing in hormone and adrenal problems, the best way to encourage my own body's creation of DHEA is to "Cultivate Joy."  
To do this, they suggest connection with friends, mild to moderate exercise, pursuit of spiritual connection and growth, ... and "play time!"

I remember having "Mandatory Dance Moments" to get me through the doldrums after my miscarriages... When a fun song would come on the radio, I'd turn it up and all the kids and I would dance and laugh for a couple of minutes.  They're mostly too old to want to do that any more, darn it... With the exception, I guess, of Princess Sassy, who just suggested it herself this morning.  :-)

Lately I feel the need to getaway from noise and clutter.  My parents used to own a cabin about a 45-minute drive away... I really miss it.  Even in the dreary months, it was a quiet, fun break from routine.  

Our whole house almost constantly rings out with voices and activity of our big family, which is a tremendous blessing, but also means that I have no space that's my own, and very little amounts of scattered alone-time.  Even a night's sleep or a warm shower for Mom aren't guaranteed to go un-interrupted.  

I love to paint and to sew, but if it created a mess in the midst of my dining room, which is the only space large enough right now, it would only increase my stress...  Cooking/baking can be fun, but I'm not sure anyone would let me claim bread-baking as play time, and meal times usually aren't too relaxing.

So if not in the house... Out?  
Prince CuddleBunny and the dogs checking out
this weeks snow
I have to say (whine) that outside to walk or garden isn't appealing right now, or probably for months yet, in the cold, rain (often including or replaced by snow these days), and wind.  

I often feel like time out of the house alone (by car) is 
  1. Work.  When I get a day to stay put, I like to do just that.
  2. Time when I could be making the trip multi-task for me/the family.
  3. A little lonely with no one along to share whatever it is I'm doing.

After my doctor appointment the other day, I went to Costco to pick up just a few necessities, but also wandered through the book section... Taking my time, reading the excerpts, and thinking my own thoughts for a few minutes.  Although just a tad, I found it to be surprisingly refreshing.  Is it sad that my 'luxurious me time' was 5 or 6 minutes in the middle of Costco?  

Some fun is coming.  Prince CuddleBunny, Princess Eager, and I will accompany Hubby on a 2-day trip to a conference out of town.  Since the hotel room is paid for and is the same cost for 1 or 4, we get to go along and laze about, watching cable TV, using the hotel gym equipment, and strolling the town while he is in meetings.  We'll, of course, also let someone else cook breakfasts and dinners. This isn't the kind of thing I can regularly insert into my routine, and not a total vacation from momming, but at least a break from looking at the things that need doing around the house for a couple of days and nights.

I'm not trying to complain, or even make excuses... Only to get a vision in my mind of what my playtime would look like and how to get it into my days.  I can't be the only stay-at-home mom with these challenges. 
What do you do for fun?   
What does your "playtime" look like?

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