Wednesday, March 28, 2012

(Worries Over?) Wednesday

So... Burning beans was nothing compared to a badly cut hand and panicking prince.  ...And hearing Prince CuddleBunny say "I cut my hand," was slightly less traumatic than hearing Princess Sassy's shaky voice on the phone, saying "I crashed the car."

A photo from the first time one of our children called to say
there'd been an accident.  Thankfully, only bruises that time,
 and no injuries this time, in a much more minor mishap
I must quickly say that we have been greatly blessed on all counts, since the beans, of course, were not at all serious, or even a big financial loss, the youngest prince was not seriously injured and is mending nicely, and thankfully, thankfully, no one was injured in the car accident, and the vehicle is still drivable, although the bumper is a little mashed.  

Big lessons learned all around, but I hope this series of 'adventures' is concluded!

Also, I'm glad to report that the Oklahoma Princess is sounding more like herself, with a temperature finally in the 99s.   

Meanwhile, back in 'normal life,' I've yet to make any strides in cleaning out the understair closet (mentioned here) for the Friday or Saturday reveal for Project Simplify - 2012, so that's on the schedule for today.  

Also, I bought a dual-tumbler composter, so we can make better use of our large amounts of fruit and veggie scraps, while also improving our garden soil, which is a big need.  

I barely got it into the back seat of my 2-door car the other day at Costco, where it's been ever since... But I'll have to find my strength again and get it out, since I need to pick up kids from an early-out day at the high school.  Prince CuddleBunny has been dying to get that box open and build it, so maybe that can get started today, too.               

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