Saturday, September 15, 2012

Unexpected Turns

I had some plans for this past week... Mostly homeschooling and running kids to activities, plus lots of arrangements to make for dental, vision, and other medical appointments for various family members.  I'd also hoped to get the van towed (after lots of research into finding just the right, reputable, affordable, local garage) to finally be repaired after a year of sitting.  And there was my mom's birthday, which I hoped to go celebrate with her in some way.

But the week took turns I hadn't expected.  

Turn 1) 
"Mom, can you come and get me?"  
Tuesday afternoon I got a call from a teary Princess Artiste who had slammed, forehead first, into another teammate during a 'swimming-as-fast-as-they-could' drill in swim practice.  
She was in lots of head and neck pain, but wasn't sick or light sensitive, could recount the whole event, and made sense when she spoke.  I decided it would be OK to keep an eye on her for the evening and a nurse in the pediatrician's office agreed.

The next morning she was still in enough pain that school didn't seem possible.  I realized I had NO idea about when it might be appropriate to send her back to school or swimming, so off to the doctor we went.  After extensive questioning and testing, the doctor confirmed that she had a concussion, and prescribed complete physical and cognitive rest.  No sports, no school, no homework, no movies, tv, or video games, no work this weekend, and only light reading for about 15 minutes at a time, and lots of rest and sleep...for a usually very active girl.  Fun.

She was rechecked Friday, but her main symptoms (pain, fatigue, a little foggy thinking) hadn't diminished much, so the prescribed boredom will continue until she feels more like herself.  She has to be pain-free, without the help of pain relievers, before she can try even a half day back at school.  School will be added slowly, and only then will we talk about resuming any swim practice.  A disappointing way to start a sports season, but I'm happy with the care and caution of, not only her doctor, but the athletic medicine supervisor and her coach at school.  Brains are important!

--And so much for swimming being a non-contact sport...

Turn 2)
Frozen computer -> Restart with the screen showing only a folder with a flashing question mark -> lost hard drive.  :-{

Prince Stoic has used his iMac computer for about 5 or 6 years without a hitch.  Princess Bossy has had her Mac laptop since 2008, also without a problem.  I have mine for 2 years and phht.  

I posted on Facebook that I thought God was trying to tell me something... But was it to stay off the computer or to blog about DIY computer repair?  Just joking around, of course.  But since this hard-drive death came after the online game on which I'd become addicted (slightly obsessively) progressed to level 21, mysteriously reset to level 1  (We'd tried to do that weeks ago and couldn't do it), and after kept signing me out between every record search... I actually think that maybe His message was to "Step away from the pretty, flashing box.... and live your life!"

It's amazing how many times a day I've caught myself trying to check that now-black screen for time or indication of an email message.  Now I've returned to my less-than-reliable PC laptop that can take up to 20 minutes to start up.  It's much less tempting to use as often.

But I've ordered a new hard-drive, so that DIY repair post might be possible yet...

Turn 3)
I want to be clear that I don't mean to belittle this one, by listing it in any kind of casual manner.  We got one of those calls that must come, but are never fun.  Hubby's mom, who had struggled with non-Alzheimer's dementia for the last decade or so, and especially worse in the last 2 years since his dad passed away, was mercifully taken Home by the Lord on Wednesday afternoon. It wasn't a surprise, but the earthly finality is still a difficult thing. We rejoice in her peace and heavenly restoration, plus her reunion with her husband, her younger sister, and her parents, all of whom preceded her.  
Holding hands again in Eternity

...I'll be loving you Always
With a love that's true Always.
When the things you've planned
Need a helping hand,
I will understand Always.


Days may not be fair Always,
That's when I'll be there Always.
Not for just an hour,
Not for just a day,
Not for just a year,
But Always.

I'll be loving you, oh Always
With a love that's true Always.
Irving Berlin
 --Words from my in-laws' wedding song, and a promise they kept to each other every day of their lives.

 The upside of such events is the reminder of values and priorities, and the extra and special time we've taken with Hubby's brothers and sisters-in-law. We've met to discuss arrangements for the services, which will be Monday, but have also shared some laughs over memories and old photos.

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