Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Limitations of 24/7

A few people have wondered what's happened to me... I think the only answer is "Life."

I had written a few of my last blog posts ahead and scheduled them into the 'hopper,' so I could take a bit of time off, not only to have a break, but to get some sewing projects accomplished... But my sewing machine hasn't even been plugged in yet.

Time just got away from me, as I can't believe it's been nearly a month since I last posted.   I actually wrote the title for this post 3 days ago!

It's just busy here.  For all those who thought I 'had my hands full' when the kids were all little, and I had a houseful of toddlers and preschoolers, I have to say that it is nothing compared to the activity, needs, drama, and all out, roller-coaster ride of having a houseful of teens and young adults!  Add a slightly broken husband, who feels the urgency of completing a building job before he has to be back at school, parents with health issues and other events, and stir-in the transportation needs of 2 busy adults and 2 teens with jobs of varying hours sharing only 2 vehicles, and it gets downright wild.

I have been contemplating where blogging should fit in my life.  If I find spare moments, do I want to blog, or would I prefer... or be better served... or serve my family better by, perhaps, 
 - taking a walk 
 - housecleaning/maintenance/improvement
 - sewing
 - reading
 - having one-on-one time with Hubby or one of the kids?  

In that list, blogging obviously rates pretty low.  That could mean giving up blogging, getting a more portable computer to avoid growing to the chair with my back to life, or at least, limiting my blogging to a set time period, likely Saturday morning while everyone else sleeps in. -- Or like today, after I've transported Hubby and Go-for-It to a 5:45 AM bus for a cross-country meet, and Princess Artiste to work... while everyone else sleeps in.

A 'requisite photo' to fit today's post:
My sleepy, unshowered, hair-in-the-air,
Saturday morning, blogging self
I actually do have lots I've been thinking about--  Lots I've been trying, in terms of schedule, homeschool, and self/life-improvement, that I'd like to share.  But I'm, first of all, initially wordy and a bit of a perfectionist, so it takes me extra time to get a blog post "just right."  Then, of course, there are the requisite photos, which need to tell just the right story in the right size and location, which takes me more time.  

I have to get faster at this blogging thing, and more organized.  But I'll try.  I have been thinking about new formats, such as one that puts more information in far fewer blog posts (more like a newsletter), or I may just have fewer-than-I-used-to, and hopefully shorter, posts.  We'll see how it goes.  For those truly interested in hearing any of my latest, if you "Like" my blog page on Facebook, or sign up for email posts, it'll be easier to know when I've posted.

Thanks for hanging in there and caring.

Some teaser photos for future posts:

Make the Most of Your Mornings

photo by Mode Weddings

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