Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Guest Gardener

See this lovely petunia?  I really love the soft, pink color, and the plant looks so healthy.

The funny thing is, I planted peas in that pot (far more than sprouted), and can take no credit for the petunia's existence nor heartiness...

and we don't have another petunia anywhere in the yard or container gardens.  

It was a bit of a mystery, until Prince Cuddlebunny  watched a hummingbird feeding from the fuchsias above (no photos, he was too fast!)... 
"Ew, he pooped!"

Ew, maybe... But, aha!  The petunia seed source, I'm sure.  And simultaneous fertilization obviously makes for a healthy seedling.

I will no longer be so cavalier as to taste my basil or other herbs, also growing in pots along the edge of the porch, without a thorough rinsing!
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