Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My name is RHome410 and I'm Pam

Yep, the cooking spray.  I admit it...I ran out about 4 days ago, and I'm suffering!  I use it for so many things.
PAM No-Stick Cooking Spray - 2/8oz cansI first ran out when making sandwich buns for our Thanksgiving Saturday get-together.  I couldn't spray the pans, of course, but I use it for much more.  When the dough is finished kneading in the bread mixer, I spritz the surface of the dough to make it easier to remove from the bowl, while also not having it stick to my hands.  If it's a dough I shape immediately, I spray the counter where I set the blob of dough to divide it.  If it's going into a bowl to rise, I spray the bowl, then the top of the dough.  While shaping something like rolls or pizza crust, I divide it into several equal pieces, then spray them so they don't dry and develop a crusty coating as I shape the other pieces.
Sunday morning I decided to make muffins.  I couldn't spray each little cup, and didn't want to hand coat them with butter or the despised shortening, so I used the little paper liners we have on hand for cupcakes.  Then I realized I usually like to spray them lightly, too, so that the paper peels off the muffins easier.
I spray Pam on my non-stick pans for browning chicken breast or cooking eggs.  This morning I made granola, and had to spread shortening on the large roasting pans with my hands.  Messier, fattier, and less healthy that way.  We are out of bread, and I hate to start that project with the woeful lack of Pam!

I have considered getting one of those special oil sprayer bottles for using my own oil.  No cans to dispose of, no chance of getting the bad nozzle that spits out gross blobs of Pam instead of a fine mist, and presumably, less expense.  I've just never gotten around to it.  It's so easy to grab a 2-pack of Pam at Costco.  But I'm ordering Christmas gifts from Amazon, so now would be an easy time to add one to the cart.

Do you have something you like to use that may help me break this dependency?  Like this or something else?

Afternoon update:   I hope the Misto is a good one, because Costco had a double pack for $15.99 and I snapped it up.  However, I bought the Pam, too.  For one thing it was in the bottom of a cart that, by then, resembled the Leaning Tower of Pisa!


  1. I lurve and am addicted to parchment paper, which I wash, hang to dry and reuse. This may be helpful for your baked goods...but not for your chicken ;)

  2. Thanks, S. You are quite dedicated to wash your parchment! I have only used ours for pizza, and by the time it goes through the 525 degree process, it's not good for another round. My pizza dough sticks to the parchment unless I spray it with Pam first. You don't have that trouble with other baked goods?

  3. Nope.

    Is your pizza dough very wet?

    Pizza is the one thing I don't use the parchment for...but I imagine it helps keep your stone nice and clean!

    I do dust with cornmeal though (for pizza).

  4. No, the pizza dough isn't wet. I just can't make cornmeal work with the number of pizzas I have to make. Not sure I'd call my stone 'nice and clean' ;-), but I can move the pizzas around, etc. while they're waiting to bake, and it's so fast to scoop up the next one as one finishes in the oven.

  5. Sabjimata-Wow! Reusing parchment? I've never heard of that!

    Rhome--You are addicted! I have a Misto sprayer also and sometimes it can get clogged a bit. But so handy to have! I use it a lot when toasting crostini so I don't have to drizzle the oil by hand.

  6. Oh, good tip, Breezy. I had only thought of dressing salad, since the package suggested it could also be used for vinegars. I was wanting to get some bottles with the pour spouts, but maybe these will work even better.

  7. I have decorative glass bottles with the restaurant pour tips on them for olive oil. But I got tired of pushing my finger on that metal edge to block most of the oil for drizzling. Sprayer works better! Go to Bargreen Ellingson and get a pour tip!


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