Monday, November 5, 2012

Move-In Ready Kitchen

You may remember that in TKO Tuesday: Jazzing Up a Stock Plan, I first introduced this kitchen plan, and explained how Hubby has taught homebuilding and cabinetmaking for the last 18 years or so.  The construction class builds a home in the community for which the cabinetmaking class builds and installs the cabinets.  I told you, also, that Hubby had passed on the construction class to another teacher, but he is still in charge of cabinets.

Well, his fall off the ladder in early June and the resulting broken shoulder, severely changed his cabinet installation schedule, and instead of by the end of June, he just got finished this past weekend... In time for the new homeowners to close on the sale Monday night!

I thought you might want to see the result.  It's not my choice of colors and styling, which is what happens when men in a hurry (who are most excellent craftsmen/husbands/fathers/community service guys, but aren't exactly Totally Kitchen Obsessed and up on all the latest trends) consult only the layout 

and not the rendering.  ;-)

But since this is likely a starter home for a young couple who are happy to be moving out of an apartment, I think they will be thrilled with their new house and kitchen.  And maybe they'll appreciate the clean lines of this more transitional style, anyway.

Taken at night, with flash, the colors aren't quite accurate.  The island is quite gray, leaning a little
toward taupe, rather than bluish

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