Thursday, November 22, 2012


....we're only fighting off a minor virus around here these days, and otherwise, our family is so healthy!

...we're warm and dry in the midst of the very stormy weather of this week.

...we're never really hungry.

...we're living in a country where we don't hear bombs overhead, have the freedom to vote, and are free to worship the Lord without fear for our lives.

And for so, so many other  of the 'big things' of life.  

Sometimes I like to stop and notice the smaller things that make my life special, too, like 

...flannel shirts love songs

...the interplay of colors and textures in the materials in our home

...the warm and comforting smell of cinnamon

And that I have the time to think and write about such fun trivialities.

Enjoy your turkey, your day, and your loved ones!

Happy Thanksgiving

The photos are of Princess Bossy's beautiful Thanksgiving table.  
I'm so proud of her, and marvel at the decor gene she has that I don't!  :-)

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