Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Celebrating Additions

...No, not the garage addition yet.

...No, not the grandbaby yet... or, specifically, not his arrival.

Terrible phone photo
of the happy newlyweds
But we did gain a brother-in-law and a grand-niece so far this week!!  Wonderful blessings, and we hope our grandson joins the party soon.  

--Very soon, and his mama would sure agree!  Especially with 90 degree temperatures here this week.

Actually, we did celebrate the baby last weekend, as well as his daddy's new degree. 

Prince Steadfast's degree completions always seem to be a bit overshadowed.  When he got his Associate in Arts degree, we were in major wedding planning mode.  Now, after 2 years of intense dedication, the accomplishment of his Associate in Science - Transfer Track 2 for Engineering was almost lost in baby preparations.  

Not wanting to let that slip by unrecognized after all of his hard work, we celebrated both important events with a combination graduation party/baby shower.

Grad cap cupcakes.. (made with mini Reeses cups
and Ghirardelli squares)

...and pacifier cupcakes (large Lifesavers and jelly beans).
All by our cupcake aficionado,  Princess Eager

Baby is growing & growing!
Princess Sassy bought a new
dress the week before,
but by party time it was too small,
so she had to find something else
at the last minute.

The cutest thing ever?  After the party, Steadfast had the help of one his best friends in trying to figure out the MobyWrap baby carrier.  ;-)

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