Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Best Laid Plans

The baby prince let it be known early on that he was not bound by anyone's schedule!

He was due in early July or mid-July, depending on whether you believed LMP dates and the mid-point ultrasound, or the early ultrasound.  So Princess Bossy, figuring he'd make his appearance by sometime in between, scheduled her visit for a "safe" distance after the later due date.

But as she arrived via airplane, he was arriving via C-section.

Princesses Artiste and Eager did chauffeuring duties, and the 3 princesses and Bossy's mother-in-law, who came along to get to know the family better, came by the hospital on the way home... just after Princess Sassy and the baby were settled into their hospital room.

Not only had I planned to have the house sparkling (I can dream), the larders full, and all sorts of things organized and planned before our guests arrived... which couldn't happen since I was out of the house for the 2 full days before they came... but Princess Bossy had also planned to host a shower for her sister and new nephew.  That just wasn't going to work, since Princess Sassy was still in the hospital on the appointed day. 

Plan B was proposed by the new mommy.  Princess Bossy, her mother-in-law, the photographer (Prince Cuddle Bunny), and I sat in the hospital room that day, and the shower guests were invited to stop by.  This gave those who wanted to the opportunity to see the baby and Princess Bossy during her short visit home.   (My brother-in-law also took wonderful photos, some of which are mixed in with CuddleBunny's here.)

4 generations: Mama watches as Grandma introduces
the new prince to his Great Grandpa

The shower decorations didn't go to waste, as they welcomed the new family home and celebrated a big family dinner later that day.

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