Friday, June 10, 2011

I Need to Do This...

Another bill came today that was another straw added to the cracking camel's back.  Hubby comes home lately with less than positive news about next year's income adjustments. I am in serious need of taking a moment to realize how great my life is and how blessed I am.  I have some worries, but really, the important stuff is GOOD.  So I have assigned myself to write a list of 10 things I am thankful for...

I have to start with the stuff some may consider schmaltzy, and probably none of them new to anyone who knows anything about me, because they're the most important things.  No surprises, maybe, but my own reminder:

1 - Faith in a God who loves me, hears my concerns, and offered His gift of Salvation

2 - A loving, intact family who started me, was great to grow up with and great to grow older within

3 - A husband who is my best cheerleader and teammate, and a great dad.  Like the Judds' song said in 1984 when we dated and got engaged, "I see forever in your eyes." -- He said "forever," and he meant it...and still does. 

4 - A home we have created and continue to build together with our crew

5 - That crew: 8 amazing, funny, smart, athletic, sociable, healthy, discerning, faithful, and completely individual children...

 who love, laugh, and can be completely crazy (and LOUD) together.  ;-D

6 - 2 equally amazing and wonderful future sons-in-law to love my daughters and eager to be part of the family.  They call me "Mom."  How great is that?!

7 - Acreage surrounding us with green trees, birds, and other little and mostly harmless wildlife to surprise and delight us with occasional visits

8 - A back porch that offers a peaceful place to read, enjoy a soft breeze and sounds of nature, or even cry

9 - The abilities to sew, garden, and cook for my family...and to laugh and have the occasional silly dance with my kids

10 - An outlet like this to share my joys, angst, and fun projects 


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