Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mom Pay

I was multi-tasking Wednesday.  Not unusual, but, honestly, sometimes it works better than others.  Anyway, I am glad to do it, making bread and granola at the same time, as it's mostly out of the best and appreciation for what I do and make.       

A few months ago I needed to make bread.  Prince Go-for-It was not 'going for it' on doing the lunch dishes, and I wanted the kitchen clean before I started my task.  Princess Sassy said I should tell him that I wasn't going to make bread for a week if the kitchen wasn't cleaned up fast enough.  Prince Steadfast (Princess Sassy's fiance, now, but boyfriend, then) jumped in and said he'd do the dishes.  We told him he didn't need to be doing the young prince's chores.  He said, "But I like your bread!"  At the time I didn't even know he'd had much of my bread.  Princess Sassy said later that it explained why if she asked if he was hungry, Prince Steadfast said he'd like a sandwich, but if we were out of bread, he wasn't that hungry any more...                                                                                                                                                            
When Steadfast and Sassy thought they were moving to Arizona after their wedding, there was much discussion about how they would be supplied with homemade bread.  They joked about having me move with them, and we finally settled on the idea that I'd teach Prince Steadfast how to make bread before they left.  Since Arizona State was difficult about transferring credits (their loss), and the newlyweds will be staying close by, I have more time to accomplish that.                                                                                                                                                                  
A couple weeks ago, Hubby and his advanced class were planning an end of the year potluck lunch.  Apparently Hubby and Prince Inventive have been torturing some of the students who work in the shop through lunch by toasting the sandwiches they take, made of our homemade bread.  They have been attracted by the smell, and Hubby just waves his sandwiches in front of them.  So the students requested that Hubby's contribution to the lunch be a few loaves of bread.  They made it a true woodworkers' lunch, by slicing it on the bandsaw!                                                                                                            
Yesterday I was baking bread and mixing up a batch of granola, because like often seems to happen, we ran out of both at the same time.  If we are out of one, but have the other, everyone is happy to make do.  But if we're out of both, there is "Nothing" to eat around here.                                                                                                                                               
I needed to turn right around and make another batch of granola, because Prince Steadfast is heading out of state for a week, and Tuesday, let me know that he can't be that long without my granola.  Again, I didn't realize he had it that often or liked it that much...but I'm glad.  More of that Mom's income to warm my heart.                                                                                                                                                            
Of course, the funny thing about that kind of remuneration is that more work is almost always automatically built in!  But I'll take busy over unappreciated.
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