Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Another 1st Year Celebration

Last year, 2 weddings, so this year, 2 first anniversaries!  

It is time to celebrate Prince Helium and Princess Bossy's first year as husband and wife.

From that first look on the Big Day....

through a honeymoon trip from Washington back to Oklahoma for the prince's law school, and the bride's job hunt, that ended wtih a legal assistant's position in a law office... As she awaits pursuing her own advanced degree.

Honeymoon trip mileage

Wedding gifts & Bossy's belongings brought from Washington

They have enjoyed 'nesting;' organizing and beautifying their campus apartment into a home they can love and be proud of.  The princess feeds her need to be creative with projects, little and big...

Bathroom, before:

And after: 

Framed radiator covers make for a fine place to hang earrings... Who knew?!
Prince CuddleBunny's artwork is hung above the towels.

Bedroom, at first:

And after a year of finessing:

Complete with Princess Bossy's sunburst mirror canopy, the "Wally" pillow from Prince CuddleBunny,
and original artwork by Prince Helium... His Dutch-heritage-inspired windmills, hanging above the bookshelf

They also love to try new recipes and entertain.

We are thankful, that this couple, as Princess Sassy and Prince Steadfast, are well started on a lifetime of growth and happiness together, shared with the Lord as their Protector, Counselor, Savior, and Guide.

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