Friday, August 3, 2012

More on Homeschooling at Our Home for 10

Writing Grasping Time, and reviewing the works of Raymond and Dorothy Moore, reminded me of what I love and believe about homeschooling.  It has reignited my passion for the rich resources of life, and I thank you for hanging with me while I regained my bearings.
Taking bike and a book to read on
dock... Priceless

Homeschooling, for us, has never been about doing schoolwork or emulating a classroom at home. 
 - It's about making a learning experience out of all aspects of life, whether books (preferably 'real' books over texts or workbooks), manual skills, or play. 

 - It's about realizing that they learn from us every second, even if we're not paying attention to what we're showing them in terms of habits and priorities. 

- It's about making use of all available resources in their lives to help them learn and grow, and helping them follow their passions and interests to grow their knowledge.  

  - It's about nurturing a love for learning, so they'll know how to do it independently, and make it a lifelong pursuit. 

- It's about Hubby and me being involved in our kids' education, helping and enriching, and taking the responsibility God gave us.  

 - It's not all about academics, but about character... love, service, faith, wisdom, discernment, and growing into a whole, thriving, contributing person, living the abundant life God intends for each.  

...And spending time with people is more important than with bookwork.

This can happen in the summer, and throughout the year, even for those attending school elsewhere.  

Homeschool is a lifestyle that I feel I've lost a bit, and intend to dive back into.  I LOVE it, and I realize now, that I've become a little disconnected from my passion and miss it.

Even though I feel my nest is emptying, I remind myself that I still have more kids at home than some homeschooling moms ever have, total.  So I still have plenty to do, and at least a few years left in which to do it... And I'm thankful for that!

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