Thursday, August 9, 2012

(Almost) Wordless (Day After) Wednesday

Early this week we were in the Big City for Hubby's 6-week, post-surgery check up... Which went well.  We had arranged to share lunch with Prince Stoic afterward, but he wasn't available for a couple hours after the appointment.  We located his chosen restaurant, then killed some time driving around Seattle, until we found something interesting, which was Volunteer Park.

Interesting trunks/branches on these cedars

I took a lot of phone pics, which meant I got to occupy myself all the way home, trying to send them to my email.  ;-)  Anyway, here they are, and I'm sorry they lack a bit in quality.  

Hubby can hardly sit in any furniture without checking out
how it's constructed

The conservatory was closed for the day, so we only got to enjoy the
exterior and the outdoor gardens

If you are in Seattle and want a lovely place to enjoy some quiet time, this could be it.  And I didn't get any photos, but I promise you that there are some breathtaking homes in that neighborhood, too.

Oh, and I couldn't feel right without sharing a shot of my yummy lunch (steak and cod tacos) from Barrio on Capitol Hill...

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