Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Let Them Eat Lobster

On their anniversary weekend, Prince Steadfast and Princess Sassy treated themselves to a weekend in Portland, OR.  The first night away, they sent photos from their dinner in Vancouver at Joe's Crab  Shack.

Princess Sassy had lobster and king crab, while her groom dined on mussels, prawns, and snow crab... Yum!

Well, I assume it was yum, as I haven't tasted all of those things myself... Particularly lobster.

Princess Bossy ate lobster, cooked fresh, in New England during her senior year of college.

You see, our kids occasionally do things that we've questioned.  --Bossy's trip to Boston in the midst of finishing college while facing imminent payments on 2 college loans.  Prince Stoic's flight to New York alone (including navigating his way from JFK to Northern NY) to visit a friend while he was in college. Sassy and Steadfast have purchased kayaks and done a lot of day-tripping while facing a few more years of college tuition, as well as married-life expenses. 

It's not the actual activities or purchases, but the financial ramifications that concern us. We keep saying things like "Don't you know you're starving college students?" But...

I am (terminally) practical and Hubby is (fatally) frugal.  Our week-long honeymoon in Lake Tahoe became 3 days at a lodge a couple hours' drive away.  We don't travel.  We rarely go out on dates.  The most we've ever done for our anniversary in 27 years is go out to dinner; dinners that never included lobster.  "It's too expensive."  Not that our lives are 'funless,' but our fun has been on a quieter, smaller scale, and mostly, there have been other ways we think we need to spend our time and money. 

But life is short, and getting shorter. We still live month-to-month, constantly concerned about our own finances... So would a lobster dinner along the way really have made such a difference?  Living life with 8 kids on one income has financial limitations, but definitely offers joys and blessings others don't experience.  We've done our best.  I think that, in retrospect, there could have been a better balance.  The princesses both tell me that they weren't all that impressed with lobster, and don't really carry any wish to have it again.  I thought I was missing something all this time.  At least the girls won't get to 52 and just wonder. 

Our kids seem to be making the most of opportunities and moments in a way I haven't been able to.  It just might be OK to reach out there and live a little more once in awhile.  I'm so glad they do!

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