Monday, August 6, 2012

So Simple

I suppose these have been available forever, but I only saw one on a recent commercial...

I had previously cut biscuits in squares for expediency's sake, and because I didn't have an actual biscuit cutter. I had been looking, and thankfully, I saw that commercial before I bought a round one.

 Stainless Hexagon Cutter
This new cutter allows me to cut biscuits without (as many of) the little scraps left in between that end up getting squished together, over and over, making biscuits of lesser quality, texture, and appearance.  

On this first try, it's obvious I have something to learn about shaping the dough in order to use the edges in the most efficient manner, and could even get the cuts cleaner.  I still had some bits of dough to recombine and recut, but much less than with cutting round biscuits. (Or with the flower-shaped ones I showed here, along with my favorite biscuit recipe.)

Ateco Stainless Steel (Multiple) Hexagon Cutter
There is also a cutter made with 6 of these attached together, for even faster, more efficient biscuit cutting.  But I don't mind the time, as long as I don't have so many of the tough and lumpy, "scrap biscuits" in the end.  

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