Wednesday, October 17, 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Here are the artistic creations made during The Great Power-Outage Pumpkin Carving Party of 2012...  
Princess Eager's 'Volleyball Beast,' back

The player, net, and ball, front

Princess Sassy's artistic fish

Princess Artiste and Prince Go-for-It worked together
on this homage to Pre, the famous runner and Go-for-It's idol

Let's say, Go-for-It was the idea man, and Artiste was the
one who made it happen

Prince Steadfast's ambitious project

The initials of Prince CuddleBunny's favorite college
adorn almost any project he does

And it was completed with a soccer player...Work was still underway
to get the little man a soccer ball.

When Prince Inventive was finally off his phone, his carving reflected his current favorite sport, weight lifting.
The machismo of the piece may be slightly diminished by the peeking eyes of
the 'glow worm' lantern used to light it for the photo.  ;)

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