Tuesday, October 16, 2012


With our first blustery storm came our first power outage of the season yesterday afternoon/evening.  It went out just as I was gathering ingredients to start dinner.  Thankfully, I was planning clam chowder, which only required the use of the gas rangetop, which I can use without electricity.

It was about 5 PM when it went out... Still light outside, but pretty dark inside.  We are always woefully low on working flashlights and battery-operated lanterns.  The one Princess Eager found for me didn't put out much light, and I was getting pretty desperate to see what I was cooking... or possibly burning.

That desperation helped me remember the battery-operated, LED under-cabinet lights I'd purchased at Costco months ago, but never even opened.  Because of their hangers, I was able to twist-tie one bar to the filter pulls on my hood vent, and Voila'!  There was light!  Additionally cool was that the lights have a movement-sensing, automatic setting, so the light would go off when no one was at the stove, and come on again when someone came near to serve themselves some dinner.

Our kids used to love power outages, when, in former houses, it meant gathering around a fireplace with games and books.  Now, without a fireplace, and with everyone more technology-addicted, power outages don't have the same appeal.  

The camera's flash makes this room look light...
But the kids created some fun during the darkness this time, thanks to a generous and timely purchase by Princess Sassy.  She came home earlier in the afternoon with enough pumpkins for a group carving party.  It's always so great to see them all enjoying time together, with all the talking and laughing.

...but it wasn't!

Prince Inventive had to stay in contact with
the outside world.

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