Tuesday, October 23, 2012

These Floors are Made for Walkin'

To replace the Marmoleum Click flooring in our kitchen, we want to make sure it's right for us in a few important ways.  These include...

Durability:  I didn't really mind too much that the Marmoleum scratched and scuffed, as any of these problems hid well in the pattern, and suited the old-fashioned essence of linoleum.  But I sometimes wondered how its "patina" might look in 5 more years.  As long as we're starting over, I hope to have something a little tougher and less prone to minor damage by normal busy-family wear. 

Significant Water Resistance:  I want to know that if we have another minor leak, another unseen spill, or if we want to give the pets water indoors, that it means simply wiping up a mess and not replacing flooring.  

Reasonable Affordability:  Since the Marmoleum flooring extends from the kitchen to our back door, and covers the sewing room, too, it totals over 1200 square feet.  Any dollar amount multiplied by 1200 is a lot of money!  There is also the question of installation... Is it DIYable?  With Hubby's limited time, we'll also be weighing costs of having it installed.

Comfort and Appearance:  I've liked how the Marmoleum feels to walk on, and the cork on the underside makes it friendly to feet, legs, and backs.  Of course, the flooring should also suit the decor, style, and quality of the kitchen and our home.  Especially in the kitchen, which has a lot of things going on already in colors and textures, the floor needs to be pretty, but also pretty (visually) quiet.  --A background that's an integral piece of the whole room design, but not a scene stealer.

Upon visiting our local flooring store, we immediately eliminated any with wood fiber core, as the Marmoleum Click has... The part that swelled when exposed to water.

The salesman and I narrowed to 3 options, each with their own pros and cons.

Based on these pros and cons, I am strongly leaning toward vinyl tile planks, and am having trouble choosing between 2 of them.  I'm actually surprised by one aspect of my choices.  I'll show you those in the next post.... and opinions will be welcome!  :-)

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