Thursday, March 21, 2013

Date by Default: Prince CuddleBunny's Time with Mom & Dad

Hubby often attends a conference every March that lasts 3 days.  Initially, there was a different venue every year, and it was fun to travel with him and see different cities in our state.  For a quite a while now, though, the organization has enjoyed a 'good deal' from the conference center in Wenatchee if they committed to a certain number of years, so it's become a tradition to visit there, and the kids look forward to it.  
It's been our opportunity to watch cable TV and swim in an indoor pool while Dad is off at meetings and classes.  Sometimes (not this year) he gets a couple of free hours, and we've all jaunted off to see more of the area, as I shared last year in Break Away.

As with many family outings, we've gotten to the place where fewer and fewer of our kids can come along, because of school, sports, and jobs.  This year the only one free to 'fit us in' was Prince CuddleBunny, so by default, he ended up with a 3-day parents-kid 'date.'  He was so excited, though, and counted the days for weeks until we'd leave... which was last Thursday.

At home, we have only whatever TV channels we can grab out of the air with our antenna, so any stay at a hotel has us all excited about other options.  Hubby likes Discovery, History, and news shows.  Some of the older kids liked Disney and Nickelodeon classic cartoons and shows... but, thankfully for me, Prince CuddleBunny loves HGTV's "HouseHunters," and the morning I slept in, he chose to watch "Flip this House!"  ;-)

As the only special guest, I let him set our schedule for Friday, and let him take whatever photos he'd like.  We got home with over 350 shots to upload from the camera!

He had no trouble deciding how we would start our day... A workout in the hotel fitness center and a swim in the pool.  Then he thought we could check out some of the stores in town "to see if they were like ours at home."

But the hotel wasn't cooperating... 

The fitness center didn't allow anyone under 18 to use the equipment, and the pool was closed while a gentleman was busy jack-hammering a hole in the floor.  

Prince CuddleBunny wondered if they might be making the pool bigger!  But no, fortunately, because I'm sure that would've taken longer, and whatever the man did meant the pool was open by evening.  So we had our swim after dinner instead.

More about our mini-vacation tomorrow, and definitely more of Prince CuddleBunny's photos!

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