Sunday, March 10, 2013

Happy Birthday, Princess Bossy!

Our firstborn baby arrived 25 years ago today, to fill our lives with a love like we'd never imagined, plus fun, adventure, and amazing laughter.

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Yesterday, her special and thoughtful Prince Helium surprised her with a day trip to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Arkansas, which she's wanted to visit for a long time.  She promised to share pics, which I'm excited to see, as it looks like an interesting place. 

Crystal Bridges Art Trail

There are 120 acres of beautiful trails and grounds, and, started by Alice Walton, and still sponsored by Walmart, their permanent collection is free to view.  Princess B commented that it had a more relaxed, welcoming atmosphere than most museums, so was family friendly with nice access to the artwork... No protective cords and photos (without flash) are OK.  She said she saw lots of families with strollers.  Exposure to great art and the beautiful outdoors for kids at a young age... Wonderful!

But back to birthday...
I was so proud of myself this year, because I actually sent her gift so that it arrived before her special day, instead of after.  

THEN I noticed that the part of the gift I specially made her was still sitting on my sewing room table... 

Apparently I decided my Rotary Cutter should tell you that!

And NEXT she called while she opened her gift that I'd sent... I was so excited to send her a Thermapen Instant Read Thermometer, which is something I'd wished for for years, so got us both one at the same time.  "But Mom, I really can't think of what I'll use it for..."  Duh.  She doesn't eat meat!  Oh, well, maybe she'll get creative and find a use.  Prince Helium already pointed it out that it might be useful in his cheese making.  

Natural Theology: Comprising "Nature and Grace"
 by Professor Dr. Emil Brunner and
 the reply "No!" by Dr. Karl Barth

The End of Illusions: Religious Leaders
Confront Hitler's Gathering Storm

Thank goodness I added a couple of books and hit the mark with those... 
A subject she loves, and she hasn't read and doesn't own either one.  Phew!

Today we're states away and it seems so very far.  She's celebrating with wonderful people (one group for a special brunch and another this evening) who all, I'm thankful, have become loving and supportive family to her and her prince.  But I'm at home with my tears.  

Sorry to be dramatic, but I'm a sappy and sentimental mommy sometimes, and I really wish I could hold my girl in my arms right now.

I love you, Baby.  Happy, Happy Birthday!

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