Saturday, May 11, 2013

28 Down...

...and, God willing, many, many more to go.

Friday was our 28th anniversary.  Being creatures of habit, and not willing to risk a rare night out on a new and unknown experience, went to our 'usual' restaurant, The Boat Shed in Manette, WA for their always-good, and Hubby's go-to favorite, halibut and chips.  

Providentially, as we had no reservations, we didn't tell them it was our anniversary, and we said we didn't care whether we ate indoors or out, we got the best seat in the house!  --The outside corner of their deck on an absolutely perfect, not-too-hot, not-too-cool, sunny evening.

But I told Hubby I'll call this next pic my "You-Owe-Me" shot... Since this is my beloved, talking to a colleague (and friend) about school issues during our salad course!

May 10, 1985 was also a Friday, and he taught at school all that day before the ceremony.  He's rarely taken a day off since.  Not like I wasn't warned he was passionate about and dedicated to his work!

Happy, happy anniversary, Honey.  Thanks for all of your hard work on behalf of your students and your family.  Here's hoping we spend the next blessed years learning to relax and enjoy life a bit more often, and, together, lay our future and worries at the Lord's feet.  

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