Saturday, May 18, 2013

Still at the Plate

I was standing, staring at the frame collection as I took the photos for the last post.  

I noticed that the left had much more space between the hanging items themselves, and also between them and the door casing... and it was more pleasing than the more crowded right side.

I took out one frame, and relocated its partner.

Not exactly a huge "Eureka!" moment, and still not the contemporary look I may prefer... if I can ever pull forth the vision enough into my conscious mind to see and achieve it.  I'm not sure it shows in the photos I'm sharing with you, but that adjustment made a surprisingly vast improvement.  

I can be happy with this for the time being.  That's not a feeling I had when the other frame was still there.  Another case of "less is more," and where just a little fine tuning can make a big difference.

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