Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Etsy Finds

I am so excited to have received all of my buys, and have them adding their say to our house.

The first to arrive were the vinyl decals from BWordy and AStickyPlace.  I have a love-not-quite-hate relationship with those... I love how they look and what they have to offer.  

I pretty much hated putting them up.  

Tape in place... Check.

Prince Inventive lent a hand with one of them, and I should've enlisted his help, again, with the second. It may be because we have textured walls, but they weren't exactly a piece of cake to get off the backing and onto the wall to stay.  
Cut larger projects in half, or more, to deal
with only a portion at a time.. Check.

Rub firmly against the wall using a flat tool... Check.
Then peel back...OK...
And the letters should stay on the wall and not the paper... Not always


Even if you have 3/4 of a letter sticking on the wall,
don't assume the rest will, also...

If you don't look too closely, 

they look great!  I love the colors.  The upstairs hall has tannish walls, so the dark gray stands out nicely.

In our dining room, the beige lettering looks so subtle and elegant.

Just as quickly, I received the metal sculpture by TheWordWithin.  So cool!  No fault of theirs, of course, it was a little smaller than I'd imagined.  I thought it would fill more of the entry wall, so I have more work to do here.  I think the size is an advantage, as it leaves the perfect space for some family photos.  I am keeping my eye out for silver and gray frames to make that happen.

Last to arrive was the custom painted 'subway' style sign by CantonAntiques.  It was shown on Etsy with brown lettering and I requested it be done in gray instead, which they graciously obliged.  

It's a perfect fit in size, color, and style for this spot in our kitchen, and I LOVE what it says!

After being inspired by my Etsy wanderings, I have a couple of ideas rattling around in my brain for more DIY decor.  I ordered some supplies to start in, and Prince CuddleBunny is excited and ready to help. So I hope to be sharing some completed projects soon!

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