Tuesday, April 23, 2013

DIY Wall Decor

Looking on Etsy for inspiration, I can certainly see that the current trend is toward simple and rustic.  I often overthink and overwork things, working for something polished and 'just right.'  I usually don't like the idea of trying to make something new resemble something worn.  I'm not sure I've accomplished that, anyway, but it was simple and quick...

To start the wall pieces I hoped would brighten up our living room, I headed to another high-end decor supplier, WalMart, and picked up three, 20" x 24" black, matted picture frames.

I also brought home a yard of burlap from JoAnn's.  

I cut 3 pieces from the burlap, each approximately 1-inch smaller in each direction than the interior of the mat.  (The mat was for a 16" x 20" photo, so the interior opening dimension is 15 1/2" x 19 1/2".  This means I cut the burlap to 14 1/2" x 18 1/2".)  I then fringed the sides so
that the fringe was about 3/4 to 1 inch.  I also cut 3 pieces from black cotton, approximately the size of the exterior dimension of the mat.

I came up with 3 words I wanted to showcase (and encourage) in our home: Praise, Prayer, and Peace. I got on Word and used WordArt to create the letters in the size I wanted. After placing the printed words behind, I traced them onto the burlap with felt tip markers.

When framing, I put the frame with glass, face down on a flat surface.  I placed the mat on the glass, then centered the lettered burlap, front side toward the glass, in the mat opening. 

I then put the black fabric piece over all, and re-installed the back of the frame.

These may be just a little too simple, and I might figure out something else to tuck in the frames  to fill some of the blank space.  The kids say they're fine, as is, so I'll probably be content to get used to the plainer look.  I'm happy with the improvement, and the room is feeling a lot more put-together.

Again, a reminder of the Before...

And now, AFTER:

The furniture scale makes a big difference.  We lost some seating by nixing the bigger sofa,
but the little ottomans that match the smaller chairs give us 'flex.'
They can serve as foot rests, tables, or easily-movable extra seating.

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