Tuesday, October 11, 2011

TKO Tuesday: Kitchen S...Plans Moving the Exterior Wall out 2 feet

Current house plan
I often say that in almost every plan, small kitchen or not, I often get to the point at which I wish, "If it was just 2 feet wider."  Or longer.  Or whatever.  Every space seems short on 2 feet somewhere. Hubby suggested that from his colleagues' current plan, they might fit their dream kitchen if they were to move the exterior wall out 2 feet to match the cantilevered wall of their second floor.  But in this case, I wasn't sure it'd be enough to fit their biggest hope, literally and figuratively speaking, a large island with 2nd sink and seating for at least 4.  

But I gave it a try.  This first attempt denied their wish to open the kitchen to the dining area, but would eliminate costs of moving the powder room and outfitting the new space that move would create.  The desired built-in computer/mail center I'd created in the under-stair closet, shown in the plans shared last week, is still included, as well as the wall oven.
Please note: I know the island needs to move away from the oven/fridge wall,
but my software wasn't cooperating at the moment.

One side of the bay window is straightened out and the wall extended
across the back of the kitchen.

I added a to-the-counter hutch for them to consider for dish storage,
instead of the upper and counter shown in the peninsula plans last week.

Next I tried different variations to include their desire to open the space by relocating the powder room.  As I said in the last TKO post, their plan to move it to the existing laundry room meant it shared space with the entry from the garage.                                                                                                                      

Although nicely open to the dining room, it isn't my favorite idea for the garage to open into the powder room, and also, with a more open plan, it could make it seem like the powder room was opening into the kitchen/butler's pantry/dining space, which is somewhat distasteful.  I've tried variations of 2 solutions.  One is to split the now-laundry into garage hallway and tiny powder room, which retains that openness.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

This one shows a little wider doorway to the dining room.

Not sure the hallway and powder room can fit, side-by-side, in the space, I also tried different ways for the powder room to open less directly into the kitchen area.  I'm not convinced this really accomplishes what I'd hoped...

Our friends have let us know they're seriously considering 2 of the 6 plans I drew them... But no clue yet about which ones they are.

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