Tuesday, October 4, 2011

TKO Tuesday: Kitchen S...Plans within Existing Exterior Walls

In TKO Tuesday: Kitchen S: The "Before" and the Wishlist I showed you the layout of our friends' space and their wishlist.  Just to remind you of where they're starting:

This space, even if they move the powder room and bump out the exterior wall, has width limitations when it comes to in-room seating, and the island they hope for.  But they have lived for years with crowded conditions, so won't expect clearances that are considered optimum by the NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association), which is considered the go-to resource for such matters.  In almost all the plans I had to go with less-than-recommended counter overhang and aisle clearances.  I was clear about the specific issues on each plan I gave them.  All are better than what they have now, so may offer things they think are more important.

Because I'm afraid their budget won't stretch as far as they hope, I thought I'd start with a plan that can stay within the space they have within the current walls, including retaining the powder and laundry rooms.  With this one, they get seating with knee space for 4 (even though 12" overhang instead of the recommended 15"), a wall oven and hood vent with relocation of the microwave, better use of the space where the unused table now sits, and the built-in computer/mail station.  They don't get any more openness to the dining room.  Their pantry space is reduced.

Laundry and powder room details aren't included in the drawing, but remain unchanged from original layout

My next attempt kept the exterior wall in place, but moved the powder room to the laundry area.  As I said initially, this is questionable, because of the laundry room having the entrance from the garage.  I saw 2 approaches to this...Either allowing the garage to open into the powder room, of which I'm not fond, or trying to divide the space and give the powder room some privacy.  But that meant narrowing the doorways.  I'm not certain there is enough room to make this possible, anyway.  Careful remeasuring would be necessary to double check.

Moving the powder room and creating a buffet/butler's pantry type of area offers a more gracious and little bit more open transition to the dining room.  They could also use the built-ins as pantry space, and possibly easily add another sink on that counter, since the plumbing already exists from the powder room.

My last attempt at meeting their needs without moving the exterior wall added their wished-for island with prep sink, and eliminated the laundry room instead of the powder room.  I know that layout gurus on the Gardenweb Kitchen Forum would shake their heads at the aisle space around the island, but I had to try it for them and let them consider the pluses and minuses.  There is a 3 feet aisle on the sink side and only 3 1/2 feet behind the seating overhang.  Since all 4 seats will be used only during dinner, it helps, but it's still verrrrrrry tight.

Check back next week for the plans in which the exterior wall is bumped out 2 feet.  
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