Tuesday, September 27, 2011

TKO Tuesday: Kitchen S: The "Before" and the Wishlist

For those of you who don't know, TKO means Totally Kitchen Obsessed, and I have to admit, I'm it.  I love being in the kitchen.  I love well-performing appliances.  
Lacanche Cluny Range
I love the design of appliances... OK, that's usually limited to cooking appliances, as ranges can be absolutely beautiful.  
SubZero Pro48
The look of refrigerators doesn't excite me much... Unless it's a very cool (pun-intended) Bio Fresh LiebHerr, or the glass-doored SubZero Pro48, even though I'm not sure I'm neat enough to have my fridge contents on display.  

I enjoy looking at kitchens, in person and in photos.  I appreciate a well-layed out kitchen, and like to see what I can improve about others.  Most of all, I love designing kitchen layouts.  It's like a brain-teaser puzzle, getting the best use and best functional layout of a space, and hopefully helping others get a fantastic kitchen they can truly love working in.

When a colleague of Hubby's recently asked for our help in planning a new kitchen remodel, I was thrilled to be of service.  We went to their house to measure, discuss the goals, and consider options.  Then I came home to my computer and the Chief Architect Software.

Current Layout....


Kitchen area:  


  •  - A kitchen sink doesn't have to be centered under the window, but when you have a garden window, and the sink is 90% under it and 10% past the side, that's just weird.  I would feel unbalanced and like someone really missed the mark every time I stood at the sink.  The owners did, too.
  •  - The dishwasher opens into the cooking area.
  •  - The kitchen is in a fairly tight space, although I've seen worse.  
  •  - It's quite a walk to the dining room...through a narrow hallway.
  •  - The family of 4 always eats at the peninsula, but with an overhang on only one side, 2 members of the family sit where they must position themselves sideways, because there is no room for legs and feet. 
  •  - The unused kitchen table crowds the peninsula seating, serves no function but to collect mail, etc., and the computer desk is jammed into the area, too.
  •  - The pantry is utilized, but the bifold doors haven't worked well in a long while.

Their goals/wishes:

  •  - Better situated sink and dishwasher.
  •  - Kitchen more open to dining room.
  •  - Seating for the family at, first choice, an island, or perhaps a redesigned peninsula.  I can see that an island would be very tight in this space, if at all possible.
  •  - A 2nd sink.
  •  - Upgraded counter, possibly quartz and/or granite.
  •  - Better use of the space where the table sits.
  •  - Repurpose an under-stair closet for a computer desk/mail collection area... Maybe that can be closed when not in use.
  •  - Replace builder's grade range and microwave hood with cooktop, better ventilation, and add a double wall oven.
  •  - All new flooring for the main floor.

Possibilities they've considered:

  •  - Doors and windows can be moved, although they want to keep a door onto the back deck.  A double French door to replace the slider is the dream.
  •  - Powder room can move to laundry room (but that's also the garage entrance).
  •  - Laundry room can move to garage or upstairs.

Hubby pointed out that since the upstairs is cantilevered out 2 feet, they might be able to bring the kitchen wall out 2 feet so that the main floor is even with the upper floor.  This would require some foundation work, but wouldn't change the roofline.  So that was another option to think about.

Budget: $25,000.  This sounds like a lot to most people starting a remodel, but I know how fast things can add up.  This project would likely require 

  •  - demo and disposal
  •  - possible concrete and concrete work
  •  - new flooring (material and installation)
  •  - new appliances
  •  - new cabinets
  •  - new countertop, including material, fabrication, and install
  •  - backsplash
  •  - permits
  •  - electrical changes and fixtures
  •  - plumbing changes and fixtures
  •  - gas line move
  •  - carpentry
  •  - drywall
  •  - drywall finishing
  •  - paint and painting
  •  - window and door
  •  - possibly siding
...and I may not have gotten it all.

Depending, of course, on final plan and material/model selections, the cost could vary widely.  My first recommendation was that they investigate possible flooring and appliance options just to see how much of their budget those things would use.  I worked on some possible new layouts, which I will share in future posts.

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