Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Birthdays, Surgery, Garage... Just an Update

Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes for my busy week last week and my mom's surgery.  I spent a lot of time driving back and forth to be with my parents, and home to tend to birthday celebrations, sports physicals, and the 2 who are still fighting major symptoms of their latest respiratory virus. 
I still need to get back there often, of course, although life has kept me home for a couple of days in a row now.  I feel badly about being away from Mom and Dad, but it's a slight respite... An opportunity my parents and my sister, unfortunately, don't get.                                                                                                                                                                                                       
Hubby and I missed the egg coloring and next day's hunt,
but we had a nice Easter morning with Grandpa, and look
forward to years of egg hunts ahead...

Mom's surgery went fine.  They replaced the valve and carved away some overgrown muscle tissue that would interfere with healthy operation.  All good.  
 - But her recovery has not gone as hoped.  She was supposed to be up and walking by last Thursday, but that hasn't happened yet.  The heart, so far, anyway, isn't taking over like it is supposed to.  This probably means she needs a pacemaker of her own to hit the ground running walking toward recovery, but the doctor is in the process of making that decision.

Hubby is happy that he met his big goal for his Spring Break... The floor has been poured for the garage floor.  Because of using a somewhat beat-up, rental power trowel, it's not as sleekly smooth as he might have liked, but he's proud that it's flat and will very much do the job as a very nice garage/shop project floor.  It'll be a few weeks until we can drive on it.                                                          


I'm glad that Princess Sassy reminded that we should write in it. 

The dogs have already made their marks in it, too, which raised a few hairs on the back of Hubby's neck, but it's beautiful, and means we can start framing soon.  YAY.

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