Sunday, April 22, 2012


Prince CuddleBunny and I were just beginning dinner prep, and Princess Eager was upstairs... I knew she'd been showering.  We heard a tremendous crash and things if a whole wall of glass shelves fell and broke, dropping also breakable contents.  Since we have nothing like that, I was clueless.

But, the last time I heard a loud crash upstairs, it was Prince Go-for-It crashing into the vanity on his way to the floor, passing out because of dehydration due to an undiscovered sinus infection... So we RAN upstairs, hollering Eager's name.

I was thankful to see her emerge from her room.  We asked her what happened, and she asked, "What do you mean, I thought that was downstairs?"

My mind was spinning, trying to figure out what may have made that type of noise, and where it might be.  The princess made the discovery.  One shower door was in billions of pieces!  

She thought the glass shower door had somehow fallen out of the track and broken, but upon inspection, I could tell it had broken in place.  For whatever reason after dealing with the heating and cooling of 20 - 25 showers a week for the last 4 years, it gave up.  A weakness in the glass or some other kind of stress point, I guess.  

I sure never expected this, and I am certainly very thankful that Princess Eager was not in the shower or the room when this happened!  I often dry off within the shower stall, then stay in the room to lotion, dress, etc.  She does most of that in her bedroom, and had been out of the shower room for at least 5 minutes.   There is one door remaining in that shower, and 2 for our shower.  Are all 3 just waiting to explode?

It was a huge mess to clean up, and I'm sure there's still glass in the track, and I wouldn't want any of the kids stepping into the room or shower stall with bare feet.  A friend tells me wiping with alcohol will somehow help attract the glass shards and make sure it's clean.  Not sure of the science of that, but it's worth a try.  

I'm also not sure if the manufacturer has any responsibility for this after 4 years, or if it's another expenditure to add to our long list...

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