Wednesday, April 18, 2012

One Hurdle Down

What is it about getting on the phone and actually committing to things like a mammogram and the dreaded colonoscopy?  I finally ignored my pounding heart, and made an appointment this morning to have a mammogram next week.

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It's been 2 years since my last one.  Why?  Because almost every time I have one, I am 'invited' back for mysterious 'further views' and sometimes an ultrasound.  How much radiation from mammograms before they start causing problems instead of finding?

And I've had 4 separate biopsies.  Some of those biopsies, I'm pretty certain, resulted in some of those extra views to look more closely at 'troublesome spots' and also the cyst I had 2 years ago that created a very scary lump.   A lot of anxiety and adrenalin stirred up for what turned out to be nothing... So many times!!  While I'm aggravated about the false alarms, I'm certainly thankful they were false.

Time to put that all behind me and face the test again.  No use risking my life because I'm tired of being aggravated.

Now for the colonoscopy.  That's so much tougher, as I have to plan to give 2 days to it (neither sounding too fun), and will have to rely on another person of driving age to give up one of those days with me, so scheduling that is challenging in addition to nerve-wracking.  

I'm sharing all these jitters and blather to possibly let someone know they're not alone in their fears, and to encourage anyone in a similar situation to join me in catching up with those tests that may have been put off...

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