Friday, April 13, 2012

A Day in the Sun

The kitties didn't mind the messy bed

I pretty much took a lot of the day "off" today.  The grass is too long, the garden's a mess, the bread drawer is getting empty, and I made a very feeble attempt at making our bed...

I spent the morning hours awaiting news of my mom's pacemaker implantation, which went well, and is supposed to improve her previously tough recovery.  
She needs to rest the remainder of the day (I sure hope my dad and sister are able to do the same), and I decided to do a little of that myself.  

Prince CuddleBunny and I took a walk around the yard with Henry, enjoying the finally-arrived spring weather, buds, and blooms.

The prince even cut me some spring to bring inside.

It was a lazy day for many

After lunch, the tasks needing attention called to me, but the blue skies and the lounge chair in the sun called louder!  

Ignore the raggedy lawn and dandelions... I did.

The phone had to go with me, just
in case there were any Mom-updates

I gathered my pillow, a notepad, and the book I'm reading and planned to head out.  I stopped to snap a couple of photos, and Princess Sassy asked what I was doing. 

Prince CuddleBunny abandoned his bike riding for some
quiet time in the tree, enjoying the day for himself

I said I was taking pictures of my day off for a blog post, and she asked, "Doesn't that mean you're not taking it off?"  I suppose she's right that I might be a little addicted to multi-tasking...  But I was tired of the stagnant blog, and I did manage to spend a little time just closing my eyes and enjoying the warmth, too.

Now it's time for Pizza Night, and to make sure there's bread for the weekend...  I'll be visiting my mom, hoping to see her energy build.  

Have a good one!

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