Thursday, June 7, 2012

Learning to Share... Or Not

Years go, when Princess Sassy and Princess Bossy would get into loud skirmishes over their similarly sized teen wardrobes, I tried to make a rule, "No borrowing each other's clothes."  

Poorly executed dramatic re-creation
I've made the same attempt a few times since, when tempers flare... But with 3 able to wear the same size clothes and shoes, and with full-to-bursting closets that seem to hold "nothing fit to wear," they've assured me they can (and must) borrow without problem.  

So it goes along well for awhile, with gracious attitudes all around.  ...Then things get too relaxed, and someone assumes another will not have a problem lending something, even though they haven't given prior approval, or someone gets too sloppy about returning, and off we go again.  We had another one of those blow-ups this week, with lots of finger-pointing, back and forth.

Since my voice on this issue has been like the tree that falls in the forest with no one around ...whose ears aren't plugged into iPod earphones... LOL ... I've made another of my infamous wall signs.  

Do I think it will change much?  I can always hope that the battles will get smaller and farther between.  Time and an emptying nest will take care of the rest.  :-)

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