Monday, June 11, 2012

Thoughtfulness is Alive & Well

I was so pleasantly surprised last week to receive a large gift box in the mail.  Noting only the name on the return address, I thought it was something from Princess Bossy.  But I didn't read carefully enough to see that it was from her mother-in-law, instead.

Appreciating the holiday weekend she'd had with my daughter, and understanding what it's like to have offspring far away with one of her quadruplet sons and his wife currently stationed in Germany, she sent me a belated Mother's Day gift!

For my love of family and writing, she sent a mom's journal.  It's for recording information and stories about my life for my kids (and their kids) to read and have always.  I bought similar books for my mother and mother-in-law several years ago, and was sad they never filled them in, so I've started on this one already.

Especially for my bread making, she sent me a wonderful, big Tupperware bowl.  I can see it will be useful for many other things, too, since I haven't had a large, sealable bowl for quite some time.  --And what a fun color!

In making my most recent batch of bread, I did just as she instructed and sealed the lid on over the dough, but made sure not to 'burp' it.  As the gas developed from the yeast, the seal popped, and the lid lifted with the dough, but the dough stayed moist as it rose.

More than the joy over the suitability and usefulness of the gifts, I was touched by her lovely note and her special thoughtfulness.  Sometimes this world seems lacking in such graces, and I'm so happy whenever I see that it still exists.

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